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laughing and crying at the same time because gaara literally tells his dad “yea i died but nbd my friends saved me” and his dads response is “YOU HAVE FRIENDS”

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Pic of the Day for July 29th!   AAAAAA PAPER MARIO STUFF

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Artist: ぎぇうす
Translator at Danbooru: Nazdrovie


Artist: ぎぇうす

Translator at Danbooru: Nazdrovie

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Reijikotobuki asked; Matoi Ryuko or Kiryuin Satsuki? Inspiration: 

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I got this for $15, also fucking REALLY?

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"Kankuro… I want you to have my "Mother" and "Father" puppets as well… and when you die, pass them both on… to the next generation"

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